Prof. Jaak Vilo

Head of the Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu

Prof. Jaak Vilo earned his PhD in Computer Science at University of Helsinki, Finland. He is a professor of bioinformatics and the head of the Institute of Computer Science at University of Tartu, Estonia and the head of ELIXIR-Estonia node of the pan-European biological data infrastructure whose mission is to facilitate global data re-use. He is currently heading the IT infrastructure development for the national personalised medicine implementation programme. In 1999-2002 he worked at the EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute in UK as one of the pioneers in early gene expression microarray data analytics. In 2002, after 12 years abroad, he moved back to Estonia to help create the Estonian Biobank in PPP partnership with VC investments as director of informatics of EGeen Ltd. He also started his own research group at University of Tartu – BIIT, which applies data analysis, machine learning and algorithmic techniques to a broad range of biological and health data and application, where its members started several new companies and numerous collaboration projects with industry.

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